India and Mozambique enjoy close, friendly relations built upon traditional links dating back to pre-colonial period. Traders and merchants from the Indian sub-continent came to Mozambique centuries back, even before Vasco da Gama set his sails for Africa and India. These traditional links have grown from strength to strength over the years as a result of which India and Mozambique today find many common grounds to cooperate with each other for their mutual benefit. India consistently lent its support to Mozambique in the latter’s freedom struggle. Mozambique achieved its independence in 1975 and diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in the same year. India was, in fact, among the first countries to open its Embassy in Mozambique immediately after independence. The Indian Ambassador was among those who witnessed the historic event of the Portuguese flag coming down and the new Mozambican flag going up in 1975. Mozambique opened its Mission in New Delhi in 2001.