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Most household appliances and gadgets, as well as toiletries, cosmetics, etc. are available in Maputo. Fresh vegetables and fruits, chicken, meat, fish, etc. are available in the markets throughout the year. Most Indian spices and foodstuff are also available.

The electricity supply in Mozambique is 220V/50c/AC. Water and electricity supply inside the city of Maputo are regular. Garbage is required to be taken to the roadside in plastic garbage bags for collection by the municipal authorities.

Maputo is hot and humid during the summer months, (November to April) and quite pleasant during the winter.

There are approximately 20,000 persons of Indian origin in Mozambique and approximately 1500 to 2000 Indian nationals. They are well organised with their own socio-cultural associations, the main ones being the Hindu Community (Comunidade Hindu) and the Muslim Community (Comunidade Mohametana). There is also Goan Association.