Visit of Indian Naval Ships
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Indian Naval Ships have paid goodwill visits or visits at the request of Government of Mozambique as per following details:

  • INS Ranjit and INS Suvarna to Maputo in June-July 2003;
  • INS Sujata and INS Savitri to Maputo in May-June 2004;
  • INS Mumbai (to Maputo) and INS Karmuk (to Nacala) in May 2008;
  • Four Indian Navy Ships from the Western Fleet to Maputo in September 2010;
  • INS Darshak to Maputo and Beira March-April 2012; and
  • INS Delhi and INS Deepak to Maputo and Pemba in November 2012.
  • INS Teg to Nacala in November, 2014

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