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Liberalization of e-Visa Regime

Posted on: October 17, 2019 | Back | Print

High Commission of India


Press Release

Further Liberalization of e-Visa Regime

October 16, 2019

In pursuance to Government of India’s endeavor to further liberalize the e-Visa regime, following changes has been introduced:

1.      A short duration e-Tourist Visa with 1 month validity with visa fee of USD 25 has been introduced.

2.      During off season period (April to June), the visa fee for e-Tourist Visa with 1 month validity has been reduced from USD 25 to USD 10.

3.      Visa fee for 1 year e-Tourist Visa has been reduced from USD 80 to USD 40.

4.      Validity of the regular e-Visa with fee of USD 80 has been increased from current permissible 1 year to 5 year with multiple entries.

The revised e-Visa fee is as under:

Name of the countries   e-Visa fees (in USD)  
  30 days e- 30 1 5
TV For days Year year
lean e-TV e-TV e-TV
period (July    
June March)    
14  FIPIC  (Pacific  Island)  countries  namely          
Fiji,   Cook   Islands,   Kiribati,   Marshal          
Islands,  Micronesia,  Nauru,  Niue  Island,          
Palau,  Papua  New  Guinea,  Samoa,  Solomon   0 0 0 0
Islands,  Tonga,  Tuvalu  and  Vanuatu  And          
Argentina,  Indonesia,  Jamaica,Mauritius,          
Seychelles, South Africa and Uruguay          
Myanmar   0 0 0 0
Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka   10 25 25 25
Mozambique, Russia, Ukraine, UK and USA   10 25 40 80
Rest of the countries (where e-Visa facility is available)   10 25 40 80


October 16, 2019