About Us Misc Consular Services

General information:

a. The information provided is indicative only and not exhaustive. In case of any doubt or specific query you can contact at co-ordinates of Consular Section.

b. Always bring original passport, DIRE/ID/Resident Permit along with their photocopies for availing any type of the services provided by High Commission.

c. All the affidavits have to be signed in the presence of Consular Officer of this Mission.

d. Please bring all the relevant documents in original and a photocopy of these documents. Original documents will be verified and returned to the applicant after acceptance of the application.

e. Applications can be deposited at the High Commission of India, Av. Kenneth Kaunda 167, Maputo on any working day between 0900 hrs and 1200 hrs. 

f. Please ensure that your telephone number is on the application form so that we can call you in case any clarification is required.

g. All the forms mentioned in the following pages can be downloaded from the Section ‘Forms and Annexure for download’ on this website.

1. Attestation of Documents: High Commission of India, Maputo performs following types of notarial functions:

(a) Attestation of true copies of original documents: Attestation of true copies of Academic certificates, marriage certificate and birth certificates issued in India, and other such documents requested by Indian citizens in Mozambique may be done in the Mission.

(b) Attestation of original documents issued by authorities in India: Birth, Death and Educational Certificates etc. issued by the Indian authorities may be attested by the Mission provided the same have been attested the General Administration Department of the concerned State and counter attested by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi or nearest Brach Secretariats of Ministry of External Affairs.

(c) Attestation of documents issued by authorities in Mozambique: Attestation of documents like educational certificates, salary/employment certificate, birth, marriage or death certificates issued by authorities of Mozambique, may be done by the Mission only after these documents are first authenticated/Apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Mozambique.

(d) Power of Attorney/Affidavits: Any affidavit, declaration or Power of Attorney to be used in India may be attested in the Mission. These documents are required to be signed in the presence of Consular officer in the Mission, who will verify and satisfy about the identity of the executants/deponent on the basis of his/her passport.

For all kinds of above mentioned services following documents will be required:

i. Original documents and copies thereof that needs to be attested.

ii. Original passport with photocopy of inside cover pages and other relevant pages of the passport.

iii. Copy of BI/DIRE/Resident Permit.

iv. Completed and signed application form. A passport size photograph to be affixed on the application form.

v.  Requisite fees.

Processing time: Same or Next working day

2. Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued by the Mission, certifying the person's criminal record with the Indian police. PCC can be issued to Indian passport holders only for purpose of foreign resident status, foreign employment or long term visa or for immigration purpose.  It will be issued only after getting clear PVR from concerned authorities in India. Applicants are requested to apply for PCC with ample time in hand.

Documents to be submitted for PCC

a. Duly filled PCC application form (https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in)

b.2 Passport size photographs with white background

c. Self attested copy of applicant’s current passport (front & last page) and copy of visa page

d. DIRE copy of applicant, if already has work/residence permit

e. Requisite Fees

f.  If applicant is employed, please provide following documents:

Employment contract

Registration and ownership papers of the company

BI/DIRE/ID copy of Employer/Person authorized by the Employer to sign the contract

Annexed Undertaking-A to be signed by Employer

g.If applicant is self-employed, please provide following documents:

Registration and ownership papers of the company

h. If applicant is dependent/sponsored by other person:

Employment contract of sponsor (if employed)

Registration and ownership papers of the company where sponsor works/self employed

BI/DIRE/ID copy of the sponsor

Annexed Undertaking-B to be signed by sponsor.

3.  Confirmation of Driving License particulars: Applicants seeking confirmation of the Driving License Particulars issued by Indian Authority may apply for this service.  It is generally required while converting the Indian Driving License into Mozambican Driving License.

(i)  Duly filled and singed DL attestation form (Form 2)

(ii)  A passport size photograph pasted on the application.

(iii) Passport copy of the applicant (front and last page only)

(iv) Copy of DIRE/BI/Resident Permit.

(v)  Original licence (returnable) and photocopy of the same.

(vi) Requisite Fees

4.  Affidavit from Parent of minor child for issue/re-issue of Passport in India: It is clarified that with the liberalization of Passport Rules (vide Gazette notification number GSR 1171 (E) dated 26.12.2016) the requirement of attestation/notarization of the Annexure C/or D has been done away and there is no need of attestation of Annexure ‘C or D’ by the Missions abroad. In past, it was required when one of the parents applies for issue of passport to minor child and the other parent is residing abroad. The applications of minor applicants for issue of passport will be processed by Regional Passport Offices (RPOs) on producing self-declaration in this regard.

5.  NRI (Non Resident Indian) Certificate: The NRI Certificate is issued to Indian Passport holders on the basis of documents supporting the facts viz. valid Permanent Resident, Resident Visa/work visa

(i) Duly filled and signed Misc Consular Service Form (Form 1)

(ii) A passport size photograph pasted on the application.

(iii) Original resident permit (DIRE) and its copy.

(iv) Original Indian passport and copies of the passport pages showing their exit and entry stamp of Indian Immigration authority showing that applicant has been out of India for more than 180 days in the year.

(v) Declaration for NRI Certificate (Form 12)

(vi) Requisite Fees

Processing time:  Next working day.

6.  Life Certificate: To obtain a Life Certificate for pension purposes, the personal appearance of the applicant with the following documents at the Mission is necessary:

(i) Duly filled and signed Misc Consular Service Form (Form 1)

(ii) A passport size photograph pasted on the application.

(iii) Passport copy of the applicant (front and last page only)

(iv) Life certificate proforma, given by the Indian bank/authorities may please be filled beforehand. It has to be signed in the presence of Consular Officer of the Mission.

 Fee:  Gratis

Processing time: Next working day.

 7.  Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and Surrender of Indian Passport: All People of Indian Origin (PIO) in Mozambique who have acquired foreign nationality are invited to see the following relevant extracts of the Indian Passport Act 1967:

“The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, does not allow dual citizenship. Holding Indian passport/acquiring Indian passport/travelling on Indian passport after acquisition of foreign citizenship constitutes an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and attracts penalties. The Government of India has prescribed imposition of penalty on a graded scale, depending on number of trips made on Indian passport after acquiring foreign nationality, for the violation of Passport Rules and retention of Indian Passport for more than 3 years after acquiring of foreign nationality.”

Indian passport holders are required to surrender their passports to the nearest Indian Mission immediately after acquisition of foreign nationality. Persons of Indian Origin who have already acquired foreign citizenship until 31.05.2010 will not be required to pay renunciation fees. He/she will be required to pay Misc fee when getting the old Indian passport cancelled or surrendered. Those Indian citizens who acquire foreign citizenship on or after 01.06.2010 will have to submit declaration of renunciation of their Indian citizenship and requisite renunciation fee.

Documents required for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship:

(i)  Duly filled renunciation of Indian Citizenship Form (https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in )

(ii) Two passport size photograph one of them pasted on the application

(iii) Original Indian passport (which will be returned after cancellation) and one photocopy of the passport.

(iv) Copy of new Mozambican passport. 

(v) Citizenship Certificate issued by Government of Mozambique. If it is in Portuguese then kindly get it translated, notarised and attested by Ministry of External Affairs and Cooperation of Mozambique

Processing time:  Next working day

8.  Registration of Death of Indian and No Objection Certificate for transportation of Human Remains (Body) to India: Kindly obtain consent of the next of kin of the diseased (Parents or Wife) for transportation of body to India or for local cremation/burial.  All the documents and certificates which are not in English should be translated in English and notarised/attested by Ministry of External Affairs and Cooperation (MINEC). Once the documents as mentioned below are received, death certificate and No Objection Certificate will be issued by the Mission in the form of a letter for the Chief Immigration officer of the concerned airport and Custom officer of the concerned airport for speedy clearance of the coffin.

Documents required:

(i)  Duly filled Form for Death Registration (Form 7) by the company where deceased was working or by friend / relative or person known to the deceased along with Passport/BI/DIRE/ID of the informant.

(ii) Deceased Indian’s original Passport and copy (Original passport will be cancelled which will travel with the body).

(iii) Registered Death Certificate issued by local authorities.

(iv) Non-Contagious or Sanitation Certificate to be issued by local health department, certifying that the body is free from any contagious disease.

(v) Embalming Certificate (which certifies that the embalmment has been done as per international norms).

 If the death is unnatural, accidental etc. two more additional documents are also required

(vi) Postmortem Report

(vii) Police Report

 Note: There should be three original sets of the documents duly signed, with English translation and notarized / attested by MINEC, one set travels with the coffin and other set handed over to the informant / representative of the company for the purpose of clearance of the coffin in India and third will be kept by Mission.